Chasing Dreams

Hello everyone!

I hope all of you are having a great weekend! 

This blog post is going to be a little different from physical fitness but it will involve a lot of other aspects that are important for overall fitness.

I am going to talk about dream chasing and the importance of it.

We all have had a dream, whether it is something you wanted to buy or something that you wanted to be.

With each one, it is important to chase them no matter how odd they sound or even if no one believes in you. The important thing here is to believe in yourself so much that the people who do not believe in you sound crazy for not thinking higher of you.  

Now your dream will not be fulfilled solely off of belief. HARD WORK and HUSTLE come from having dreams. The likely hood of you succeeding on your very first try is slim. DO NOT let this discourage you. If something you believe in fails, keep working on it but do it from a different angle. Try a different way to succeed. Not every way will work, but the more you try, you will find one, eventually, that DOES. So keep working hard on your dreams. No matter what!

Your dreams are what will keep you disciplined and motivated when working towards something bigger than yourself.

Now, I want to clarify something, motivation is what gets you going...DISCIPLINE is what keeps you going. No one is ever going to be motivated 24/7. This is why having discipline is so important when striving for a better life! 

Everyone can achieve anything...just believe in yourself and work hard!

Keep this post in mind when you're having a rough day when it comes to working towards your dream. 

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Have a great day everyone and remember to #BuildYourLife.