Flexibility and Why We Should Stretch

Flexibility is something that many people do not have. It is also something that is easily obtained. To obtain flexibility, one must just stretch. Simple as that. BUT it must be done consistently or you will not be able to reap the benefits of it!

According to Harvard Health, the benefits of stretching is that it keeps your muscles flexible, healthy, as well as strong. It also keeps your joints mobile and your range of motion good.

If you stretch after your workouts, you help with keeping your muscles like rubber bands when they are repairing. It will help keep you from getting really big and unable to move properly.

Now keep this in mind. To stretch properly and obtain the full benefits of it, you must warm your muscles up before stretching. If you do something called a 'cold stretch' you have a greater chance of actually tearing or straining a muscle which would not feel good.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT START STRETCHING THINKING YOU'RE MORE FLEXIBLE THAN YOU ARE. This will lead to injury. If you want, it is important to consult a doctor or physical therapist so they could help you in programming so you can get the most flexibility gains out of stretching.

So, in short, keep stretching, warm up before you stretch, and consult a professional if needed.


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